82nd Fire School 

82nd Monroe Fire School by SWNIFRA
  Aug 10th, & 11th of 2018

Class Cancelled due to lack of interest - Thursday Aug 9th, Tactical Resilience Training - 
The Proceeds from this Class will go to
"Sons of The Flag"
"The Resource for Burn Survivors"
Ric Jorge, a 24 year career firefighter with Palm Beach County, FL and national and state certified instructor who has delivered classes nationally and internationally including FDIC All new information that comes in the abstract form must ether the prefrontal cortex. The information must have meaning and be understood by the student to obtain buy in. It begins in the classroom and escalates into the bay and then "the can". Each step is very purposeful. The goal is to develop attention and focus, this is all about the mental game. The exercise is simple, tasks to exhaust so we can utilize the technique you learned in the classroom in order to work attention and focus. The exercise is an air consumption under duress. Involved is a wheel technique and a breathing technique. Both take time to master under controlled conditions. The students are placed under stress by exhausting them to show the significance of how much more difficult it is to do something simple when under duress. The goal is multiple repetitions. You can never do enough reps. You want to be high speed low drag? Do the reps and quit fronting that you're a bad ass, no one cares about your ego, we care about skills, mental toughness, survivability, courage, and all the intangibles only obtained through hyper training. So shut your mouth, check your ego at the door and lean into your fear. We all have fears, but to develop them into strengths takes guidance and proper training ... lots of hard ass, sweaty, grueling training, almost to the point of obsession. News flash ... your mother lied to you, you’re not special, your just another chuckle nut on the bus until you develop dedication and earn being special ... then you pass it along to the other chuckle nuts on the bus.
Fri, Aug 10th. CONTROLLING THE CHAOS- Company Officers and Incident Command Managing the Incident - $120.00BC Mark Menzel Wheeling FD “
The fireground can be a dynamic and chaotic event. This class gives students the tools and concepts needed by company officers and incident commanders to control the chaos and manage the incident. The students will learn the concepts in the classroom and be able to apply them in live fire scenarios. Concepts include: fire behavior, size-up (reading the building and the fire), incident command, and accountability, setting incident priorities, rig placement and line selection. The class is co-instructed by a Battalion Chief and Lieutenant. Students have the opportunity to learn from both perspectives on the fire ground.” FULL GEAR and SCBA NEEDED for class, Class starts out at Monroe Fire ST 1, 7:45 Gear not needed till part 2 of class at the MERIT Center.
Aug 10th. Engine Company Operation / Making the Stretch - $120.00 David Yakowenko, Racine FD, Sponsored by: YAK-ATTACK Innovations & Training This program is designed for firefighters who are primarily assigned to, or respond as members of an Engine Company. The program offers firefighters an opportunity to either sharpen their current skills, or learn new and efficient skills for the all-important task of getting water on the fire. This program is an intensive hands-on program, and includes opportunities to select and evaluate a variety of differing hose loads and line advancement techniques under realistic fire conditions. Members of attack team will work through nozzle, backup, door control and officer. Instructors for this class are brought in from a variety of departments, seeking to bring differing geographical solutions to the table for a variety of fireground evolutions. Full NFPA compliant protective clothing and SCBA will be required for all students involved in this hands-on class. Live Fire Evolution. This Class will be at the MERIT Center and Registration starts at 7:15 at the MERIT Center
Fri, Aug 10th. Searching for Life: Fireground Residential Search and Rescue - $100.00 Ret Lt. Mike Mason Downers Grove FD Instructors - The Fire Service Instructors of RICOFIRERESCUE INC. - Every situation requiring civilian search is presented to us very differently from one residential fire to another. This hands on course provides for the training and experience that is put into practice while also providing specific strategies and tactical maneuvers for the optimal success in saving lives while also protecting our firefighters doing the searching. Some principles and methodologies that will be taught are listed below. • Risk versus benefit relating to survivability for both civilian and firefighter. • Sound search size-up’s prior to and during searches relating to life occupancy and priority areas. • Search tools • Size and experience of search teams. • Search techniques and applications for various types of searches. 2 man and 3 man teams • Students will be taught accuracy and speed of primary searches and secondary searches. • Applications and door control with both conventional searches and VEIS type searches. • Searches and fire flow paths. • Searching in zero visibility environments. Hands on training conducted under smoke based water fog conditions. • Applications for victim rescue and removals. Class in Orangeville, IL NEED Full GEAR and SCBA
Sat, Aug 11th. Fireground Operations and Limited Staffing - $120.00 David Yakowenko Racine FD, Sponsored by: Walworth County Firefighters Association About 70 percent of the nation’s firefighting force is being covered by volunteer agencies. The number of firefighters showing up on scene depends upon the time of day, and can vary from a full crew to just a couple firefighters. With the number of volunteers trending downward, the fire service is dealing with more and more minimally staffed arriving units and lower staffing numbers in general. The fire service prides itself on doing more with less, but needs to be able to perform critical fireground tasks with fewer numbers, while still being safe. The first arriving unit has a small window to mount an attack on the fire and this must be done with coordination and skill. This class will teach participants how to be efficient and effective with lower staffing numbers, while still being safe and smart. This class will teach any level, from firefighters to chief officers, how to make the greatest impact out of available personnel on scene in the early stages of the fire and beyond. Full NFPA compliant protective clothing and SCBA will be required for all students involved in this hands-on class. Live Fire Evolution This class will be at the MERIT Center, registration start at 7:15 at the MERIT Center
Sat, Aug 11th. In the Realm of Risk: The Strategic and Tactical Firefighting - $50.00 Ret Lt. Mike Mason, Downers Grove FD Class room - This class enlightens while providing a detailed, realistic agenda that pertains to surviving the fireground. Defining and committing to interior operations, fireground situational awareness, fireground survival policies, preventing and surviving Maydays, staffing and fireground survival, fighting fires in conventional and lightweight construction, fuel loads and turbulent smoke behaviors, interior operations relating to room orientation, tactical air management, and practices in interior firefighting are among the topics covered. Mike Mason, Lieutenant Downers Grove (IL) Fire Department
Sat Aug. 11th, Force-Search-Fire Attack - $120.00 Shane Boehmke, Huntley FD This class will be taught in the crawl walk run method through each station, "Forcible Entry" "Primary search" "VEIS" "Hose management". Your skills will be challenged and refined, the Second round under live smoke conditions and to finish the day under live fire conditions, attacking the fire after forcing the door, searching the area under smoke and heat. By days end you will have rotated each station multiple times refining your skills. FULL GEAR and SCBA NEEDED for the Class. Class registration at the MERIT Center starts at 7:15

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